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Welcome To Horus Birds of Prey, Preston, Lancashire

Horus Birds of Prey was established in the Summer of 2007 and is owned and run by husband and wife team Paul and Linda Walters. Together they have a well adjusted team of birds including Owls, Falcons and Hawks.
The name Horus was chosen after a holiday cruise on the River Nile, Egypt where, after a visit to the temple at Edfu it was discovered that Horus was the Falcon God in ancient times. Paul's favourite Bird of Prey is the falcon so the rest is history. 
Paul has been a practising falconer for over 30 years, flying and displaying many species of owls, falcons and hawks from the smallest, the American Kestrel to the largest, the Andean Condor.
Linda joined Paul after they met and married, and having never touched a bird of prey before, under Paul's expert supervision she now successfully rears and trains her beloved Owls along with their Hawks.                                                
Horus Birds of Prey offer a wide range of services which include static / flying displays using Boswell the Barn Owl, Nugget the Bengal Eagle Owl, Flint the Southern White Faced Scops Owl, Basil the Harris Hawk, Topaz the Lanner Falcon, Buzz the Pere x Lanner Falcon & Chip the American Kestrel plus a few others. (see our team page)
Also offered are Wedding displays, Birthday parties, Care Home visits, Photography sessions, School visits covering Key Stage 2 nocturnal creatures, lectures and Handling / Experience sessions.  
Horus Birds of Prey prides itself on being a flexible, friendly, approachable yet professional Company. We welcome and take on board any comments/advice you may wish to pass on.
 ANIMALS ACTIVITY LICENSE NUMBER TE02 issued by South Ribble Borough Council on 9th May 2019
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