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The Team

Boswell - the Barn Owl  
was hatched in April 2008. We acquired her at the age of four weeks from a breeder in Liverpool and she has since been hand reared and trained by Linda.  Boswell was thought to be male at hatching, however we now suspect he is a she!!! due to her flecked markings on her chest.  Boswell acquired her name on her resemblance at a very young age to Freddie Boswell from the TV show Bread.
Nugget - the Bengal Eagle Owl  Nugget
was hatched in February 2008. We acquired him at the age of four weeks from breeders in Anglesey and he has also been hand reared and trained by Linda. Nugget was given his name by his silly antics as a young owl.
Basil - the male Harris Hawk Basil
was hatched in May 2007 and acquired at the age of 12 weeks from the Lakeland Bird of Prey Centre in Penrith. Basil was named after Basil Fawlty due to the fact that he hated the glove with a passion in his early training days and regularly "danced" about with his long spindly legs.
Max - the male Harris Hawk Max
was acquired by us in May 2008 at the ripe old age of 14. He had spent the first three years of his life flying and hunting with traditional falconry methods, since then he has been in a captive breeding situation producing many youngsters over the years.
Chip - the male American Kestrel   Chip
was hatched in May 2009 and acquired by us in July from a private breeder in Manchester. Although he was captive bred and totally parent reared it soon became very apparent what a cheeky little chappy he is. He calmly travelled in the front of the car with Linda on his second day with us. Chip acquired his name due to his species and tiny size weighing in at just three and a half ounces. 
Flint - the Southern White Faced Scops Owl Flint 6
was acquired by us in June 2010 at approximately 3 weeks old. He was bred
in North Wales therefore named after the area and will be hand reared by Linda,
accompanying her to work for the next week or so until he's a little bit too active.
Keep an eye on the OWL PAGE to see how fast he grows.
Topaz - the male Lanner FalconTopaz
Topaz belongs to Paul's son Stuart and is on loan to us after the tragic loss of India who went missing after chasing pigeons in March of this year (2011). We are still hopeful that she may be found some day.
Although she had her telemetry system on the signal disappeared very abruptly.
Buzz - the male Pere x LannerBuzz
This is Buzz, we acquired Buzz in mid June 2011 at the age of 10 years from our good friend Keith up in the North East.
Buzz is the younger brother to our very dearly missed India. Buzz acquired his name by the way he set his wings during the first few days of manning him, he just looked like "BUZZ LIGHTYEAR" of Toy Story. (Lets hope he doesn't go too much to infinity and beyond)
Matilda - the female Southern Boobook Owl
Matilda 4
Matilda joined the team in mid July 2011, she was just 3 weeks old when we got her and just a big ball of white fluff. She'll be growing quickly and will soon become a demonstartion owl alongside Boswell, Nugget & Flint.See her grow on our Owl Pages
The Boobook Owl is an Australian species, she didnt quite look like a "Sheila" or a "Kylie", we hope you all agree
so Matilda it was.
Bob - the male European KestrelBob 1
Bob was acquired from a breeder in Southport on 25th July 2011 at the age of 8 weeks. We chose his name because (to be absolutely honest Paul was fed up with long names and titles as he hand paints all his own signs)
Poor Bob but I think he quite suits it.
Lenny - the male Gyr x Saker FalconLenny
Lenny came to us in late Summer 2011 as a youngster. He was an exchange for Woody who turned in to a potentially fantastic hunter due to her aggression but as our work is predominantly with the general public this was no good for us. He has turned into an amazing bird with one little hiccup earlier this year (2012) when in a public display in Bolton he was spooked by 2 stray dogs. Lenny talked with his wings a flew off, after tracking him for 2 days getting little bits of signals he was finally spotted near Scarborough - Yes!!! Scarborough.
Fudge - the Mottled OwlFudge 3
Fudge joined the team in June 2012 at the age of 6 weeks. He wasnt planned but his beautiful big eyes and eye lashes stole our hearts. We just couldn't resist. His name was picked, after 3 weeks!! debate due to the colouring of his baby fluff. He will very soon begin his training and join the flying team.
Rio - the male Barn OwlRio
Rio joined us in May 2013 at the age of 4 weeks. He came from the same breeder as Boswell in Liverpool. As a baby he was the quietest barn owl we have ever known but he has turned out to be a little star and appeared in Farmer Teds flying displays at the tender age of 14 weeks.
Elsie - the female European/Eurasian Eagle OwlElsie
Elsie also joined the team in May 2013 and is just 2 weeks younder than Rio. She came from a breeder in Daresbury at just 3 weeks old. She soon grew into an absolute stunner and has turned out to be a very famous part of the team, "everyone asks about Elsie". She acquired her name after a friend of Linda's gave her some money towards a "big" birthday in December. That friends name is Linda Corcoran (initials LC), Linda's middle name is Carole (initials LC), therefore Elsie was named.
The European or Eurasian Eagle Owl is the largest owl in the world.
Ringo - the male Gyr/Lanner
Ringo joined us at the age of 8 weeks in July 2013. He came from the same breeder as Buzz from the North East.
He is a hybrid, therfore a cross between a Lanner falcon (as Topaz) and a Gyr falcon. We have great expectations of
him, he should also turn out to be a stunner after the moult next year. Photo to follow.

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