Horus Hoods by Paul Walters

Paul has been an experienced hood maker for the last 20 + years. His hoods are made using professional blocks and excellent quality Kangaroo and Buffalo leather and all hoods are completely hand stitched using good quality threads. Over time his patterns have been developed allowing for an excellent fit, and can be made to fit birds from a female Perlin up to a female gyr/saker. They are also very lightweight and therefore cause no upset or discomfort to your bird.
A choice of either Dutch or Anglo Indian styles are available and for that special hood we can also supply your hood with real feather plumes.
If you are interested in ordering one of our hoods, please contact us via the Contacts Page supplying the following details;
  • Species of bird
  • Sex of bird
  • Weight of bird
Note: Colours may vary due to the leather being used at the time.
Styles available;
Anglo Indian Style          


Dutch Style £25.00
Anglo Indian with feather plume         £25.00
Dutch style with feather plume £30.00
Please see photographs below



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