Pest Control

Pest control

Natural, non-invasive way of deterring pests

We specialise in Avian Control. This is a natural, non-invasive way of deterring pests. We have different types of birds to suit different situations and scenarios. Upon a consultation and site assessment, we can choose the correct approach with a team of birds to be able to effectively address and mitigate any ongoing or potential pest challenge your business faces.

We can assess whether there is a requirement for ongoing deterrent work or whether we can address any challenges your business face in a few site visits.

Why us?

Our experience and understanding of pests means that we are a humane, non-invasive solution which can adapt and cater to your business needs. We are capable of operating in a plethora of environments ranging from urbanised areas to industrial complexes. We continually manage our approach to ensure we are providing the best possible service, and this is aided by the fact that our team understand the flock mentality of pests and can overcome challenges that static deterrents are incapable of resolving.

Our Hawks and Falcons each have their own strengths, and are a consistent deterrent for all manner of birds. Unlike static deterrents, pigeons, gulls and the like are incapable of adapting to our live solution, and as such we have huge success in clearing sites of pests.

We are a proximate company and are flexible in nature to needs of clients. We provide a competitive service which has had ongoing positive feedback due to the understanding of the predator/prey relationship that we maintain a high understanding of. We have examples of our services that we offer on our website, and can also provide a live demonstration upon request.